Signet’s range of portfolios is available via Signet UCITS Funds plc, an Ireland based, UCITS V compliant, umbrella fund company, a BVI fund platform called Signet Multi-Manager Inc. ("SMMI"), or via Whiteridge Investment Funds SPC Ltd.

Signet Global Multi-Strategy Fund (GMS)

GMS invests in a blend of mostly non-directional alternative strategies. The fund targets mid single digit returns with low volatility and offers monthly liquidity.

European High Yield Bond Portfolio (EHYBP)

EHYBP is an actively managed bond portfolio which allows investors to access idiosyncratic opportunities in predominantly European corporate credit. The program targets high single-digit returns derived from coupon income and capital appreciation while providing investors with some protection in adverse markets.

Whiteridge Global Income (WGI)

Whiteridge Global Income Fund («WGI») has the most flexible mandate in our product ranges. The fund doesn’t have limitations in terms of the targeted asset classes or geographical footprint except for the risk-related considerations. The fund is not linked to any benchmark indexes.

Whiteridge Global Energy (WGE)

The fund is focused on highly concentrated positions in special corporate events, mostly in the energy sector.