Signet Research & Advisory (SRA) combines a top institutional quality investment platform with family office care. SRA benefits from 20 years of investment experience, global reach and cutting edge analytical tools. The team includes senior portfolio managers, financial advisors and analysts.

Wealth Management

Personalized investment strategy designed with the client, for the client. Access to a complete range of investment instruments, including bonds, stocks, funds, commodities and derivatives. Cutting edge portfolio construction and risk management customized to the investor’s specific needs.

Access 20 years of investment experience, global reach and cutting edge analytical tools developed by the Signet Group – an investment specialist with a predominantly institutional background and a philosophy of protecting wealth while investing selectively in the more attractive sectors of global markets. Innovative systems of risks identification and control developed by Signet specialists, have been highly appreciated by experts and are being actively replicated by our competitors.

Investment Office Solutions

Signet is able to assist premium clients to set their own investment office, leveraging Signet’s industry expertise and portfolio management capabilities while keeping control over general strategy and top level allocation by the client’s own organization.

Whether an investor needs to centralize the management of its private and business interests through a single location, or to separate its private and commercial affairs, a private investment office supported by Signet can provide an efficient solution for some of the client’s most important needs. Using customized investment vehicles we can match client’s investment profile and desired exposure to target markets and themes.

Family Office Support

Signet is a founding partner of an association of family offices sharing a joint investment management platform and a number of support functions covering international legal, tax, financial planning services as well as property management, travel, logistics and philanthropic activities.

We can either provide family office support functions for clients without their own family office or expand the capabilities of our clients existing’ family offices through shared resources – local access network, travel logistics, and more.