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Whilst the world is being redefined by technological, environmental and demographic shifts, Signet provides clear and unambiguous investment strategies.


Investing in uncertain, complex and volatile environments demands a disciplined approach. By identifying and concentrating on our strengths, we’re able to screen out the distractions, vagaries and hype. We believe that advancements in specific transformational industries, such as healthcare, IT and entertainment, hold significant potential for investors. To identify real opportunities in a world being redefined by technological, environmental and demographic shifts requires clear cut and unambiguous investment strategies. They are the attributes that set Signet apart from the rest.

Who we are

We are people who are acutely aware of managing the downside; people who invest in the investments we market and people who are experts in the sectors we focus on. Having worked with the world’s leading financial and investment institutions, the Signet team collectively have garnered impeccable credentials. But our people are with us because they thrive in an entrepreneurial culture and seek ‘hands on’ involvement — benefits that the biggest players are unable to provide. As a firm, we are an independent, multi-jurisdiction-regulated entity with assets under management of USD 1bln.

Asset Management


We choose to focus primarily on businesses that are driving, or stand to gain from, fundamental change. Although those changes are often referred to as ‘trends’, we prefer the term ‘new order’ which is an order that’s here to stay. Hence our preference for investing in established, large cap, global corporations — many of which are leaders in the IT sector — as well as taking positions in pioneering and potentially transformational businesses in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Global Leaders

Global Leaders

Signet’s global leaders portfolio is highly concentrated and comprises market caps of at least $5bn in the US, Western Europe, Canada and Australasia. In terms of sectors we focus on IT, Healthcare, Consumer discretionary, Media & Entertainment. We do not invest in Emerging markets, nor do we attempt to time the market or any form of leverage.



Globally, there’s a growing interest in transformational investment themes. One of our highly favoured themes is healthcare/life sciences. We invest in companies with breakthrough potential in areas such as novel therapies, diagnostics, genomics, drug development and entities which are prime candidates for acquisition.

Alternative Investments

Where appropriate we will invest in private equity or venture capital, hedge funds, managed futures, commodities and derivatives contracts. Because alternative investments usually have a low correlation with those in standard asset classes, they can be suitable for portfolio diversification and generate additional sources of return. Investments in hard assets, such as gold, oil, and infrastructure can also provide an effective hedge against inflation. Signet has designed its own quantitative strategy, Absolute Return, that uses algorithmic methodology across multi-asset classes.

Absolute Return

Absolute Return

We seek to achieve the investment objective by following quantitative and data driven investment strategies across multiple geographies and asset classes. The Investment Manager conducts extensive research to identify temporary arising market dislocations, mispricing anomalies and asset return drivers to formalise rules-based investment algorithms. While the primary focus of the Investment Manager is on technology-based algorithmic modelling, the Investment Manager also applies macro-economic analysis to facilitate individual investment strategies as well as overall portfolio construction, capital allocation across sub-strategies and risk management.

Real Estate

Residential, offices and hotels are the primary elements in the portfolio. We target specific urban areas in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, London, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Lisbon and Milan. The key factors we look for include location, construction quality and reliable rental income.




Wealth Advisory

Signet Wealth Advisory is a highly personalised investment office service. Acknowledging that traditional asset allocation advice is no longer confined to a mix of equities and bonds, we tailor asset allocation strategies to individual and family requirements and everchanging circumstances. We’re adaptable — we’re delighted to partner with your other advisers or act as your in-house investment office.